The Boot Brigade is a collection of volunteers dedicated to helping raise money for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund. These amazing people help make our events possible.

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Firefighters Count on Us

Just as we count on firefighters to rush to our rescue in times of disaster or crisis, our firefighters count on our charity to be there for them and their families when tragedy strikes. Carrying out this mission is made possible with the assistance of our many longtime, dedicated volunteers. Our Boot Brigade consists of active-duty and retired firefighters, surviving spouses, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and other family members, as well as kind and thoughtful members of the community. People enjoy volunteering individually as well as in a group, ranging from a circle of friends to a formal corporate employee volunteer crew.

Hope for Firefighters charity volunteers

Volunteers make a significant impact. Working together toward a common purpose, these special people tackle our community’s greatest challenges. Their tireless effort and positive energy are inspiring. We are honored and forever grateful to those who lend their time, talent and voice to make a difference in the lives of our firefighter families in need.

Many Ways to Volunteer

Whether you prefer to help from home with an online fundraising campaign, assist in the office with mail outs or basket decorating or would rather roll-up your sleeves and hand out snacks on the golf course or support our runners at our LA Marathon cheer zone tent, we have a place for you.

Just fill out this simple form and we’ll get you started!

Firefighter charity volunteers

Volunteers say giving back to others with caring and compassion is a fantastic way to make friends or find their purpose. Thank you for your interest in and consideration of the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund.

Firefighter charity volunteers