Dearest Friends,

Every year, California loses approximately 30 firefighters, and more are critically injured, while in the line of duty. Like wildfire, this leaves a wake of devastation.

On March 20, Jane Hart, a dear friend and neighbor, ran the LA Half Marathon as a tribute to my husband, fallen Culver City and former Air Force firefighter Mike Nagy, with the goal of raising donations to benefit the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firefighters Fund.

I am so fortunate to have a great deal of support, keep my home, have health insurance, etc. However, so many others are left just holding a badge, folded flag, and the ashes of their beloved, or some remain living with permanent injury, while now trying to stay in their homes, provide food, education, healthcare, and more for their families.

Fallen Culver City Fire Chief Michael Nagy

The mission of the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firefighters Fund is straightforward: they serve to help hero firefighter families with financial, emotional, and other much needed support.

Thank you in advance for helping those in need with your donation honoring ALL of our firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our community in one of the bravest and most selfless jobs in our world. And may you always stay blessed, safe, and healthy.

Thank you with all of my heart and tears,

Susan Preletz Nagy