Able-logoDuring the annual Hope for Firefighters fundraising event in downtown Los Angeles, the Muster Games is one of the biggest draws. The competition is grueling, requiring teamwork and split-second timing. The team sponsored by Able Engineering frequently charts some very impressive times and places in the top three. But for Able’s top executives, simply being a part of this successful charity event benefiting the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund makes everyone was a winner regardless of where the teams rank.

Able Engineering has been a supporter of Hope for Firefighters since 2007. “As part of the Los Angeles community, we felt it was our duty to participate,” said Able Engineering’s Betty Cortez. Along with Brian Pagac, Mark Langermann and Jeff Marquis, Cortez is one of the Able Engineering personnel with whom charity’s staff has enjoyed working. As Cortez puts it, “The firefighter community provides an exceptional service and we feel privileged to participate.”

It is the passion of sponsors like Able Engineering and its employees’ dedication that make Hope for Firefighters one of largest fundraising efforts each year. “We are so fortunate to have companies such as Able Engineering investing time and money into our cause,” says Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. “The people at Able believe in our charity’s mission and truly care about the firefighter families we serve. Watching them come back to participate in this event, year after year, is truly heartwarming. Words alone cannot express how much we appreciate their kindness.”

Able Engineering Services is community-focused and strives to lead by example. Cortez says, “All good citizens should participate in the support of this organization.”

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By Jody Houser