golf-part-dPart D Advisors is not a company you’d expect to advertise at a fundraiser for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund, but there they are. Why? Because sponsoring the 2012 LAFD Invitational golf tournament wasn’t about advertising. “There are no business motives here. We did it because it’s a great cause,” explains Patrick Coleman, partner at one of the nation’s leading retiree drug subsidy and Medicare compliance specialists.

As a matter of fact, Part D Advisors is no stranger to charities supporting police officers and firefighters across the country. “Our company has clients in 40 states, and we do a lot of work with fire and police organizations,” Patrick continues. “They have a very unique line of business that they’re in, and that’s simply where we chose to put our charity dollars.”

PartD-logoSo how did this Livonia, Michigan-based benefits recovery expert get involved with the Widows & Orphans charity all the way in Los Angeles—in a state where his company has no clients? After seeking out the charity to offer their services, Part D Advisors was asked to become a sponsor and take part in the event. “We got involved and played in the golf tournament. We did awful,” Patrick says with a laugh. “But it was fun. It’s hard to not have a good time playing golf.”

Patrick hopes to stay involved. “The board is meeting soon to discuss donating this year. We’re probably going to do it again.” The Midwestern authority on unclaimed Medicare Part D subsidies has been a welcome addition to the Widows & Orphans family.   “The way these men and women risk their lives is incredible,” Patrick says. “That’s the bottom line. It’s nice that there are charities like this set up to take care of them after the fact. We look at it as a wonderful opportunity to give back.”

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By Candace Nicholson