Livia's Signature Seasoning logoLivia’s MN, Inc. is a Minnesota family business built from Aunt Livia’s signature seasoning that she used on everything. It is a proprietary blend of Kosher salt, coarse pepper and garlic that is made with love. The product has been produced for personal use for over 80 years as Livia’s would make it to use in her own kitchen, while always having enough to give to friends and family as a gift. Livia’s is so good, you are going to want to share it, too.

It gained wider distribution in 1997, when it began selling at farmer’s markets. Livia’s has since packaged the product and built distribution through local markets, grocery stores, specialty meat stores, Amazon, and the company’s own online storefront. The business has also been successful at marketing the product as a successful group fundraising opportunity.

Firefighters cooking with Livia's Signature Seasoning

Combining the efforts of gifting and fundraising, families have shown to buy extra Livia’s as they never want to run out once they are introduced to it. This phenomenon has led Livia’s to be able to grow awareness and sales while being able to give back to organizations in need, over and over again.

Livia’s is a proud supporter of our firefighters and the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund, the official charity of the Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association, donating numerous delicious products as well as gourmet kitchen items for our annual online auction. Our charity is honored they’ve chosen to share the love at every meal.

Livia's Signature Seasoning