How Do I Register to Run or Walk?

You MUST use the registration links provided right here on our web site to officially sign up for either the LA Marathon, the Charity Challenge (half marathon) or LA Big 5K. These links officially attach you to our LA Fire Team and take you to the LA Marathon’s sign up portal. We do not control or administer the event registration portal, it is run by the race organizer, the McCourt Foundation. DO NOT sign up directly on the LA Marathon web site as you will NOT be attached to our team and we will not be notified of your participation.

How much does registration cost?

Money is paid directly to the race organizers, the McCourt Foundation, and is NOT collected by our charity. We DO NOT receive any portion of these fees.

    • LA Marathon: $170
    • Charity Challenge (Half-Marathon) $135
    • LA Big 5K $40

Can I get a refund?

No. Race organizers do not issue refunds. Registration fees cover the costs of putting on these world class events and many items are purchased well in advance. If you are unable to participate for any reason, your registration fee is forfeited. Our charity is not involved in these decisions and does not receive any money from reg fees. This is strictly the policy of The McCourt Foundation, the race organizer.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

No. Race organizers do not permit it. No exceptions. Security, logistics and many other considerations led to this policy. Our charity is not involved in the registration process and logistics of the race.

Do I need to fundraise?

    • Yes, thank you! Race organizers partner with select non-profits in order to utilize these world-renowned events to raise money and awareness for charity and require everyone to fundraise.
    • We’ve made it easy for you to get started and will provide you with tips and guidance along the way. Click here to set up your fundraising page.
    • You must use the above link to set up your fundraising page as an official member of our current year’s team. Please do not set up pages elsewhere.
    • Marathon and Charity Challenge participants need to raise a minimum of $650
    • LA Big 5K participants need to raise a minimum of $350
    • There are no penalties if you do not reach the minimum; most exceed it
    • All proceeds raised by you as a team member on our LA Marathon LA Big 5K GoFundMe page go directly to our charity.
    • We receive a notice once you’ve set up your fundraising page. A member of our staff will be in touch soon to make sure you have everything you need to reach your goal.

Can I fundraise without running or walking the LA Marathon, Charity Challenge or LA Big 5K?

    • Absolutely! We welcome you to the LA Fire Team as a dedicated fundraiser and thank you for your commitment to our firefighters in need. Click here to set up your page.
    • Email us here to let us know you wish to fundraise, but do not wish to run/walk.

How do I get a LA Fire Hero Squad team t-shirt or hat?

    • Everyone who raises $100 or more earns a LA Fire Hero Squad team t-shirt or hat, your choice. Just email or call (323) 259-5216 when you hit $100 on your official GoFundMe page and include the item you prefer.
    • Shirt sizes: you will receive the size you put on your race registration form.
    • Shirt & hat distribution: Items will be mailed to the address you provided on the registration form , once you’ve reached your fundraising goal and have emailed your preference. Orders received after October 1 may not be delivered to you in time for the marathon, half-marathon or 5K events, so be sure to hit those goals early!  Fundraising, shirt and hat distribution remains open for 30-days after the event as many people continue to donate once they see you’ve crossed the finish line!
    • We encourage everyone to wear their shirt or hat on the day of the event to show team unity and pride!

How do I get details about the events, such as parking, official race bibs, seeded corrals and more?

    • READ YOUR EMAILS and visit the official LA Marathon web site. The McCourt Foundation puts on the LA Marathon, Charity Challenge and LA Big 5K races and has put all the information you need for race day and leading up to it on its web site and also emails important information to you. Our charity is not involved in the logistics of the events.
    • All LA Marathon and Charity Challenge (half-marathon) participants MUST pick up their packets BEFORE race day at the Expo in Downtown Los Angeles. Details are on the marathon web site and also are emailed to you by race organizers. Race organizers will communicate any necessary changes to this procedure if needed due to COVID-19.

How do I receive my custom Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund / In-memory bib?

    • All LA Fire Hero Squad team members will receive a special custom charity bib to wear. You will wear these in addition to the official race bib provided to you by the race organizers.
    • Participants doing the event in memory of a specific fallen firefighter will receive a custom charity bib that also includes the firefighter’s name and photo.
      • Be sure to let us know who you are honoring by responding to our welcome email with the firefighter’s first and last name. Deadline to provide information for custom in memory bib is October 1.
    • Custom charity/in memory bibs are mailed in advance to the LA Marathon and Charity Challenge (half-marathon) participants. LA Big 5K participants will receive their charity/in memory bibs at the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund tent on the day of the event.

Bonus for Top Fundraisers:

Participants who raise $1,000 or more may request to have their registration fee paid by the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund.  Please note reg fees are paid directly to the race organizers and are not collected by our charity. This offer is for INDIVIDUAL fundraisers only, and for ONE event/race only. You must have registered and paid for yourself first in order to qualify. Once you’ve earned $1,000 on our events GoFundMe page, request a reimbursement for your event/race registration fee from our charity by emailing us at Deadline to request a reimbursement is December 1.

Bonus for Marathon Runners:

If the LA Fire Team has a combined total of 30 marathon/charity challenge (half-marathon) participants by August 1, we qualify for access to an exclusive, private Dodgers Suite for our runners to enjoy the morning before the race. Help us send our participants to the start line in comfort and style by encouraging your family, friends and coworkers to join the team and register for the LA Marathon or Charity Challenge races!