I would like to share a story of a dog and his master. True love and devotion comes in many forms and we are blessed to find it in our lives. I pray this true story will teach us all, that God’s love can be found in all circumstances.
– Roger Fowble, LAFD Chaplain

My name is Jack and I was born in Pacoima near Fire Station 98. I was a dog with no family and found myself roaming the streets for several years with a pack of friends.

Life as a stray dog was difficult at best. I never knew where I was going to sleep or get my next meal. I was lost and had very little hope that my situation would ever improve, until one day a fireman named Tim saw me and would call me over and gave me some food.

As time passed he started calling me Jack and I would find myself drawn to hanging out in the area hoping I would see this kind man who showed mercy and compassion towards me.

Jack at Fire Station 98One morning, I saw Tim and he called me over and to my surprise he put me in his truck and took me to his house. I was not sure what was happening. I was soon introduced to his family. Tim and his family gave me food and water and I was taken on walks in this unfamiliar place. I was not a fool and knew this was not going to last so I would jump over the fence and was going to leave but as I wandered through the area I would always ask myself “where am I going to go and why not give this guy and his family a chance.” So I would always return and wait for them to see if they would take me back and they always did.

How my life had changed for the better. I was taken on walks and loved to run free in the nearby school where I was able to chase coyotes out of the area. I was fed, bathed and loved by all at this new home. Life was as good as it could get for me and these have been the best years of my life.

This new family even got me a little sister named Phoebe. She is the most annoying little dog who loves to tug on my ears and licks my face all day and night but I would not change a thing.

I have had a life a dog could only dream of and I started feeling very weak and tired and Tim took me to the veterinarian where I was told I have cancer and will not be around for very long – maybe a couple of weeks till my life will be over. I saw how sad the news made Tim and our family.

I on the other hand was not as sad because Tim had changed my life for the better. He gave me a home and made me part of a family which is every dog’s dream. I know if they love me half as much as I love them I will be loved forever and that makes my current situation not so bad. I will always be proud and honored to be Jack Foor and I would not change a thing in my life.

Thanks Tim for the best years of my life and for the greatest gift you could give a stray dog: a home and a family.

RIP Jack

Tim FS 98 and Jack