When you demolish buildings for a living, it might seem strange to partner with those who work incredibly hard to save them. But to Carlos Herrera and his company, Interior Removal Specialists, Inc. (IRSDemo), there’s nothing contradictory about it. Why? IRSDemo isn’t your average demolition company.

In addition to being the largest commercial interior demolition service in California, IRSDemo collaborates with hundreds of local and international charities to donate more than 100 tons of recovered items every month. So volunteering for the annual Hope for Firefighters charity fundraiser is simply an extension of their altruistic mission to give back to their community.

From providing transportation to setting up drink booths to collecting recycling, IRSDemo employees wear many hats at the annual Hope for Firefighters event, held the first Thursday each June in Downtown Los Angeles. “About 160 of our team volunteers at the fundraiser. We setup and tear down, ” says Richard Ludt, Director of Environmental and Public Affairs. “We also have our own recycling facility, so we handle all of the trash and recycling needs.”

But it doesn’t stop there. IRSDemo also drops off straw bails for barricades, provides pallets for food booths to keep health inspectors happy, and donates tickets to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim games.

The demolition experts don’t do any of this for publicity or recognition. Richard asserts with a smile, “We do Hope for Firefighters because these guys need that kind of help.” The tremendous effort by IRSDemo helps raise nearly $100,000 for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund each year.

Despite their hope of remaining inconspicuous, Carlos and his team’s efforts do not go unnoticed. Whether it’s participating in the Muster Games and hose-cart pull or simply offering a helping hand to other volunteers throughout the event, everyone quickly learns why IRSDemo’s caring reputation has earned them so many accolades.

From the State of California’s 2011 Waste Reduction Award to the spotlight episode on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels, IRSDemo has left their mark as leaders in the industry. With that leadership, they’ve graciously committed themselves to supporting a cause and a community that strives to rebuild in the face of adversity. Not your average demolition company indeed.

Learn more about Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. at irsdemo.com.

By Candace Nicholson