Brando's Custom Fire Pits

Brando’s Custom Fire Pits

L.A. City Firefighter Brandon Taulli loves being a team player on the job and in the community by supporting his fraternity of firefighting families.

Brandon was one of the first volunteers for the Widows, Orphans, & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund’s Family Support Group, a network for families within the LAFD who need aid after losing their loved one.

He believes these resources are beneficial for the wellness of the firefighting community.

In Memory: Firefighter Andrew J. Sauceda

Brandon experienced the pain of loss and tragedy firsthand when he witnessed his close friend, LAFD Firefighter Andrew Sauceda, take his last breaths after a motorcycle accident in the desert in 2009. Back then, he didn’t know who to contact about his sudden loss. Andrew was only 29 years old when he died in Brandon’s arms.

“We didn’t have that support group then which I really wish we did because I felt the need to reach out to somebody just to listen to me. I don’t want that to happen to someone with a feeling of guilt and helplessness,” Brandon says.

Learn more about the the LAFRA Family Support Group

Brando’s Custom Fire Pits

In addition to volunteering his time, Brandon also custom makes incredibly unique and special firepits and donates one each year to the charity to auction at the annual Lane Kemper Softball Tournament fundraiser.

“It makes me feel good knowing that this money is going to a good cause,” he says.

Brandon’s dedication goes beyond his own department. After the town of Paradise burned down during the Camp Fire in 2018, he learned one of the families that lost everything was related to a firefighter he knew. In response, he auctioned off four firepits online to help accommodate their financial needs.

Following his kind gift, Brandon was told the rebuilding process was going well and the family was getting back up on their feet after the fire.

Building his firepit business came about from an anniversary gift for his wife. He wanted to try something different, so he cleaned an old washing machine drum and scrapped a metal sheet with his last name, Taulli, engraved on the side.

His wife loved the firepit and posted it on social media to share it with her friends. Eventually, her Facebook friends were asking where they could get one.

Though initially it started off just as a hobby, Brandon is now starting his own firepit business. Other firepits he has designed have engravings of sports teams such as the LA Chargers and Oakland Raiders. With some help from his 16-year-old son, he is creating a website and starting to promote more on other social media platforms.

Brandon is proactive when giving back to his job and firefighting family, whether it’s helping up and coming firefighter hopefuls in the Cadet Program, giving time to someone who needs emotional support, or sharing his hobby, he is making an impact.

“I’m just really honored to be a part of organization like the LAFD. Now, it’s awesome that my son, Braden, wants to become a firefighter and he has that drive to be part of the brotherhood,” he says.

You can see more of his firepits on Facebook at Brando’s Custom Firepits

By Katherine Abando

Brandon Taulli - Custom Firepits
Brandon Taulli Firepits