In a quest to make the perfect axe, Los Angeles City Firefighter Jason Knight ended up shaping a tool that has saved firefighters’ lives and caught the attention of fire departments across the country and around the world! His unique creation is a must-have for these valiant heroes heading into unknown danger and disaster.

Watch as the owner of Fire Axe, Inc. demonstrates what makes it so special, and his fellow firefighters share harrowing tales from the frontlines that explain why this axe is a cut above the rest:

The LAFD Axe: Made by Firefighters for Firefighters

Once upon a time the LAFD used a pick head firefighter axe as their weapon of choice in the battle against fires, but Collins stopped making the famous “Seagrave” axe in the early 1900’s.

Decades later, one of the LAFD’s own, Firefighter Jason Knight, decided to make his own version of the legendary axe, changing a few things to make it better. Before long, his dream to make one of the best tools of the trade became a reality. Because of his passion and love for his job, he developed a superior axe that the Los Angeles City Fire Department adopted as its own primary axe.

Made in the USA

Actor Luis Moncada with famed axe from the hit TV series “Breaking Bad”

Jason grew up in Upland California and attended Upland High School. He says when it comes to his axe, everything he makes is made in the USA and most of the materials he gets are from L.A. based sources.

With the axes in high demand, his business, Fire Axe, Inc., has grown, and he’s now selling axes not only in Los Angeles, but also in Southern California, the United States and around the world, including Japan, Germany, Dubai, Sweden.

Jason was featured on a show called “Modern Marvels” for the History Channel. His axe was also used in the smash hit, award-winning TV show “Breaking Bad.”

Axe of Kindness: Jason Gives Back

Jason is a longtime donor to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund and member of its parent organization, the Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association. He has donated numerous custom-made trophy axes for silent auction fundraisers, which has raised thousands of dollars to help the families of fallen firefighters facing an unexpected crisis or need.

These custom trophy axes made by Fire Axe, Inc. are different than the working axes firefighters use on the job. Jason Knight makes both.

Jason also graciously makes special, one-of-a-kind, presentation axes for special donors to our firefighter charity, often at deep discounts or at-cost prices.

Firefighters throughout the country rave about Jason’s axe. Some say they may not be alive today without it.

Fire Axe, Inc. testimonials:

J.D. Clevenger writes:
“On 1-1-10 I had a roof of a garage collapse under me and my (engineer) on a fire in Modesto. Used the 8lb., flat axe that is always on my belt to cut us out. My (engineer) has 42% 3rd (degree) burns, me 14% 3rd (degree) burns, but will both recover. We made it out with the help of your axe, thanks.”

Tony Lopez writes:
“My name is Tony, I’m a full-time firefighter for a large department here in Northern California. I’m writing to thank you and praise the incredibly useful tool your company has crafted, and in my case, a lifesaving tool.

I have been working as a career fire fighter for the past 3 years and I feel blessed to go to work each tour loving what I do. I’ve learned to take pride in what I do, the quality of my work and the tools I use to get the job done. I carry your pick headed axe with the hickory handle on every alarm. While it has always proved to be useful, I can now say it saved my life.

I was recently on a structure fire where things turned ugly quickly. My captain and myself were caught in a position where we needed to exit quickly. We needed to get out of a residential structure that due to unexpected hazards turned a “routine fire” alarm into a very scary situation. With the use of your tool my captain and I were able to get out unscathed and come home safely.

So, I sincerely thank you for creating a product that holds up when it is most needed. I am sure you have received such acclamations before, but I am a firm believer in acknowledging a job well done. So, with the upmost sincerity, thank you.

My captain has since purchased your flat headed axe for his own personal use. Since that event my captain and I have further increased the bonds that are created between an engine crew due to this event…I continue to hail Fire Axe, Inc. and the best tool we firefighters can carry. Stay safe.”

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By Charles Stewart