angela-andrewsLike many charities, the dedication of our volunteers plays a large role in the success of the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. We are grateful to volunteers who support our events year after year and new volunteers who are learning about the charity for the first time, such as Angela Andrews.

Angela learned about Widows & Orphans while watching the KTLA Channel 5 Morning Show. LAFD Captain Rick Godinez and El Coyote Café manager Rose Christoffersen were on the air showing viewers how to make a delicious salsa recipe for an upcoming fundraising event.

“I annually donate toys to the SPARK of LOVE benefit,” said Angela. “In addition to supporting this cause, I wanted to branch out the giving experience. So I promised… to extend my donation experience and visit other benefits… and through KTLA I attended The El Coyote Café fundraiser.”

Angela came to the first-ever “Hot & Spicy” salsa competition by herself and was instantly welcomed by organizers and participants alike. While tasting eight different salsas, made by eight different fire stations, Angela told charity employees her goal for the year was to support at least three charities she’d never heard about before.


Angela learned about the charity during this KTLA segment

Aside from the importance of the cause itself, the personality of the people who work for a charity can play a major role in bringing new sponsors on board. Angela said that she was “blown away with the great souls I met… I truly enjoyed the moment.” Aside from the firefighters themselves, which she described as “solid individuals with warm, welcoming great souls”, she mentioned how enjoyable it was meeting Marlene Casillas, Development and Marketing Director for Widows & Orphans. The impression left by those at the event convinced Angela to keep supporting the organization beyond this one fundraiser. She’ll have plenty more chances. El Coyote Café has made the salsa contest an annual November event.

A charity is made up of more than just the worthiness of its mission. The people, who represent that charity, from employees to board members to volunteers, serve as the face of the organization. The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund is lucky to have supporters inside and out who inspire others to help our firefighter families in need. If you’d like to attend one of our upcoming fundraisers, subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter.