Hart, Mieras & Morris legal staffA lot of people have trouble planning for their future and firefighters are no exception. That’s why the Law Offices of Hart, Mieras & Morris, Inc. are happy to step in and lend a helping hand.

Founded in 1962, this Southern California estate planning, legal and financial advising firm has seven locations with a focus on living trusts and asset management. Once a month, the firm offers a complimentary seminar to the public and invites all LAFD firefighters and their families to attend. The seminar helps educate people about ways to create financial security for their loved ones and themselves.

The law office’s decision to get involved with the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund was an easy one. “[Attorney Gary] Morris has always been big on giving back, and the charity is very close to his heart,” explains Andrew Gregson, Client Relations Director for Hart, Mieras & Morris, Inc. “What they do is just amazing.  There are lots of charities out there, but none as impressive.”
Hart, Mieras & Morris logoSo starting in 2011, the firm donated a 55” HDTV as a prize for the inaugural Golf Ball Drop at the LAFD Invitational golf tournament. This September’s upcoming Golf Ball Drop will offer an iPad as one of the highly sought-after prizes, graciously gifted by the legal team of HMM.

However, these estate planning specialists wanted to do more than offer prizes at fundraising events. The firm believes the best way to help those who risk their lives helping others is to put their legal expertise to work. “(Attorney Gary) Morris has been holding complimentary seminars on estate planning and living trusts every month for 35 years,” said Andrew. “We host a two-hour session where you can learn about how to protect your assets and property. We pay for parking and offer refreshments.”

Hart, Mieras & Morris mascot Hosier the Elephant

HMM mascot Hosier the Elephant

The seminars, held in various cities and counties, from Orange to L.A., also have been a positive opportunity for the charity.  For some people, including a gift to charity in an estate plan can be beneficial to the donor in the form of tax breaks or even income back.  Many of the non-firefighters who attend are learning about the charity’s mission for the first time. “It’s done wonders for exposure for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. It’s generated a lot of interest and several people have actually put the charity in their will,” shares Andrew. For a few hours, attendees learn about what services the law firm offers and ask questions specific to their concerns.

In addition to the seminars and donated prizes, the legal team also sponsors Widows & Orphans events, designed “Hosier” (a special logo for their invitations to firefighters) and even invites those who have trusts through other firms to come in at the end of the year for a complimentary review. “We let you know what laws have changed and how they may affect your trust,” explains Andrew.

With their efforts to support the charity in so many ways, it looks like Hart, Mieras & Morris, Inc. will be a wonderful partner for many years to come.

For a schedule of upcoming seminars and to learn more information about the firm, visit hmmlegal.com or call at (800) LAW-5570.

By Candace Nicholson