DCCGroupThe people at renalogic take your health and quality of life seriously because end-stage kidney disease is serious business. But it’s that passion to help patients struggling with dialysis treatment that has also created a joyful and collaborative approach to helping others beyond the business community, such as the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund.

Sherri Tetachuk, sales executive for this unique team, beams with enthusiasm. “I learned about the charity at an industry conference. Then, after I researched a little more, I dove right in,” she explains.

Sherri saw to it that renalogic donated funds for the 2014 LAFD Invitational golf tournament and also participated. “This was a really fun event! I didn’t know who I was getting paired with, but we won a really nice plaque for second place,” she shares cheerfully.

With a new headquarters based out of Phoenix, Arizona, renalogic is striving to help patients create a care management plan that keeps costs down and their financial well-being and quality of life intact. This collaborative approach to problem solving has been the cornerstone of the company for years and has helped renalogic become a national leader in the industry.

The charity couldn’t be happier to welcome renalogic into the firefighting family and the feeling is mutual. “I hope to participate again in the tournament this year,” declares Sherri. “This has been the best charity we have ever worked with. I had no idea what to expect working with them and it was just amazing!”

To learn more about renalogic’s creative solutions for serving patients with end-stage kidney disease, please visit http://www.renalogic.com.

By Candace Nicholson